Father Killed Two Daughters in Punjab Main City

Later, due to family reunification, she managed to get Anisa, the other daughter, who was a minor at the time, to come to Catalonia. When she turned 18, the young woman also traveled to her country to marry another cousin of hers (Atiq).

Those marriages of convenience, arranged within the family, were more formal than anything else. In Terrassa, thousands of kilometers from their husbands, Arooj and Anisa began to lead a life that did not please one of the brothers, Shehryah, who in the meantime had also settled in the town.

“The three loved each other madly. They to him, and he to them. For her wedding, Anisa wanted some 40 euro shoes, but her father, who is a bit stingy, told her no. Shehryah asked me to take the father for a walk so he could buy them for him. Now, suddenly, everything has been destroyed,” recalls the store manager, who also acts as an interpreter because Ghulam barely speaks Spanish.

Shehryah’s supposed love sometimes translated into control over her sisters. Anisa began to behave in a way that her family interpreted as a slight. She left home a couple of times and started going out, in Barcelona, ​​with a Pakistani boy. Shehryah confronted him and stabbed him. Soon after, Arooj also left home. “Ghulam wanted to prevent his son from killing someone, so he asked him to leave them alone, to make their own lives,” says the father’s boss.

Ghulam, the father, says that he had not had any contact with his two daughters for many months, although he hid these problems from his boss. “When he asked about them, he told me that they were fine, at home,” says Ulfad, the boss, who noticed how Shehryah stopped coming to the store, where she had also worked helping her father. “I always made jokes with her hair, because she has very long hair. For him the most important thing was her sisters, her hair and volleyball, he was crazy about that sport, ”he says about the man whom the Punjab police consider the main perpetrator of the double murder.

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