Four Funds From The League Already Offer Double-Digit Returns

While the Ibex tries to consolidate its entry into positive territory in the year, the most active Spanish stock managers, grouped in the elEconomista League , are already beginning to reap the rewards, since 19 of the 34 investment vehicles included in the classification are in green, and nine of them exceed 5% profitability. But the most remarkable thing is that in this environment there are four funds that are managing to provide added value, by obtaining double-digit returns.

The undisputed leader continues to be Azvalor Iberia , with 26.80%, according to Morningstar data as of June 1, thanks to the possibility of being able to invest 10% of the portfolio in non-Iberian companies belonging to the OECD, which allows its managers, Álvaro Guzmán and Fernando Bernad, include firms related to raw materials, one of its strengths .

Cobas Iberia also includes this ‘trick’ that they can perform through a brochure, but it does not apply it. Hence, its yield drops to 15.27%, a percentage that sounds exorbitant considering the behavior of the Spanish stock market. They are followed by Sigma Equity Spain , managed by Gonzalo Lardiés at Andbak, which this year is standing out in the League, with 14.71%, and Dux Iberian Value, advised by Santiago Cano , who achieved 14%.

Other funds that week after week are among the top ten in the League are the Okavango Delta , managed by José Ramón Iturriaga, whose strong commitment to banks is helping him to consolidate his position this year , with 9%; Santander Acciones Españolas , which is now under the responsibility of Rodrigo Utrera , Mutuafondo España , Sabadell España Dividendo Base , Horos Value Iberia and BBVA Bolsa are next on the list, in which other funds that follow a value strategy are having uneven luck within the classification.

Magallanes Iberian Equityis in eleventh position, with 4.11%, while Bestinver Bolsa is placed in fifteenth position with 1.98%, followed by Metavalor , under the responsibility of Alberto Roldán as investment director , with 1.47% .

The one who fails to raise its head week after week is Fidelity Iberia , managed by Karoline Rosenberg and Mac Elatab, one of the funds in the League with the largest asset volume, with 172 million euros . It lost almost 7% in the year, with a portfolio in which values ​​such as Iberdrola, Amadeus, Inditex, Applus, Indra, Ferrovial, Acciona Energías Renovables, Catalana Occidente, Jeronimo Martins and Logista appear in the first positions, and in which Firms such as Deutsche Borse, Infineon, Merck, Prosus, Just Eat Takeaway and Sandvik also have a place.

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