Wine Sales Recover In Spain And Grow 14% In 2021

Wine sales recover in Spain and grow 14% in 2021. The hotel channel returns to concentrate 51% of sales. 77% of the wineries increased their sales volume in the national market. Direct sales remain at the 8% reached during the pandemic.

Wine sales in the national market increased by 14% in volume in 2021, confirming the recovery of the sector, which was strongly affected by the pandemic, according to data from the latest study carried out by the Spanish Market Observatory del Vino (OeMv) and the consulting firm Wine Intelligence, in which an increase of 14.5% in value is anticipated.

Specifically, the study confirms that 77% of Spanish wineries increased their sales volume in the Spanish market, since the Horeca channel has recovered to practically pre-pandemic levels, concentrating 51% of the sales volume and the food channel maintains its weight at 36%, approaching 37% of sales in 2019.

The report highlights that the main novelty comes from the direct sales channel, which maintains the weight that it already reached in 2020, reaching 8% of wine sales, which means improving the figures of 5% registered in 2019, just before from the start of the pandemic.

Regarding the types of wine, the study highlights that sparkling and still wines with Designation of Origin were the ones that best recovered during the past year.

In general, in 2021 wines of all retail prices experienced a recovery, although those of less than two euros did not grow as much as other price ranges that did recover to double figures, while the greatest increase occurred between wines from 15 to 24.99 euros.

Finally, small wineries (less than 500,000 liters) suffered the greatest falls during the pandemic due to their lower penetration in the food channel, but they have been the ones that have shown the greatest recovery in both value and volume in 2021, followed by the medium warehouses.

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