As part of a historic US government program, Mynaric serves as Northrop Grumman’s sole laser communication supplier

Mynaric is a pioneer in the laser communications industry, developing optical communications terminals for space, air, and mobile applications. For wireless terrestrial, mobile, airborne, and space-based applications, laser communication networks enable connectivity from the sky, enabling ultra-high data speeds and safe, long-distance data transfer between moving devices.

Northrop Grumman chose Mynaric to deliver CONDOR Mk3 optical communication terminals as portion of a major US government program. The Space Development Agency (SDA) has chosen Northrop Grumman to offer 42 satellites meant for the Tranche 1 Transport Layer solution, which will meet the vital requirements of the US NDSA (National Defense Space Architecture). Mynaric will be the sole provider of optical communications terminals meant for Northrop Grumman under the terms of the $36 million agreement, which was unveiled on March 21 of 2022. Product deliveries are expected to take place mostly in 2023 as well as 2024. Northrop Grumman said today that it had successfully demonstrated a robust, networked laser communication network for proliferated-LEO constellations employing Mynaric’s optical communications terminals in this context.

The arrangement is the biggest optical communications terminals order made with Mynaric specifically and publicized in the government market in general, confirming the industry’s trajectory of procuring and deploying industrialized laser communications programs at a fast-expanding scale. Since its foundation, Mynaric has concentrated on developing technologies and manufacturing capabilities that enable large-scale optical communications terminals deployment and has invested extensively in scalable manufacturing and market-leading products in recent years.

“We congratulate Northrop Grumman on winning this significant program bringing advanced capabilities to the US government, successfully demonstrating initial capabilities, and paving the road for federal customers to leverage commercial supply chains now and in the future,” stated Mynaric CEO Bulent Altan. “We are honored to have been chosen by Northrop Grumman to supply them with our sophisticated products, and I want to express my gratitude to the whole Mynaric team for their tremendous efforts in making this possible. This historic government purchase of optical communication terminals demonstrates that we have fully entered the industrial era of laser communications.”

“We are ecstatic to have been chosen by Northrop Grumman for this vital technology for the Transport Layer Tranche 1 mission of SDA requirements,” stated Tina Ghataore, CCO of Mynaric. “Our CONDOR Mk3 optical communication terminal is the ideal solution for the SDA’s widely deployed LEO network. Our staff continues to improve our goods, and as a company, we invest ahead of market demand to ensure that we are well-positioned to serve our expanding customer base.”

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